Sunday, December 26, 2010


So, here I am. Why? Well, I've started to notice a little trend: My horoscopes are SO much more awesome than real life.
I never really took much credence to it, how on earth can the same thing be happening to what, a twelfth of the population at the same time? Well, maybe not an exact twelfth, many factors affect the birth month of children- e.g. Valentine's day. But... if things turn out as well as they say... maybe there's something to it.
I know science has proved over and over again that it's just a big bunch of hooey, but some people have decided to do everything magazines have told them. That's a lot more expensive hooey, the app was free.
The Challenge: I am going to live 2011 by horoscope. I'm going to actually listen to it's little suggestions and see if it works. If there's any leo's out there willing to give up reading any sort of horoscope for the next year, by all means be my control group, but I don't anticipate that happening, so sorry scientific method.
What I'm going for here is why. Why should I believe this? Why do people do this?
...does it work?